Beauty Formula NO.8

“I’ve basically had dark eye circles/creases since I was a child and they actually seem to look less severe and my skin feels more alive - producing more natural oil And YES! Noticed a different quality in the eyes today - I think such a big component is that feeling of radiance!”

– Alice

“Hi Alexis!!!I’ve used your Beauty Formula No.8 for a month and just ordered another because it seriously works. I stopped wearing makeup on the fourth day. Idk what magic you’re creating but thank you soooo much. I don’t even wear makeup when I go out on weekends anymore! I feel way more beautiful and like myself without it. It’s wild. I can’t even explain how awesome it is to not feel so self conscious al the time anymore. I’ve had bags under my eye since I was a kid and in conjunction with doing “Medical Medium” protocol and your formula I swear they are SO much better. So thank you!

— Carley D.

"I just finished a round of Beauty Formula No8, and wow, this stuff is incredible. Not only has my skin improved dramatically since I started this round (one bottle lasts about 90 days), but the emotional benefits I’ve experienced have been insane! When I began the formula, my skin was a mess. It was broken out, red, itchy, just awful; and my self-esteem was non-existent (I literally wanted to remove every mirror in my house because I hated what I saw — although that sounds externally dramatic, it’s true! My skin had never been that bad!). However after just a few days I began to notice results, and after completing the bottle, my skin looks better than it ever has! My confidence levels are through the roof and my skin is literally glowing. Now when I look in the mirror, I love what I see. Also, Alexis, the luminous spirit behind the brand is an absolute gem. Thank you, Alexis, you are amazing and your work is magic. Highly recommend!!"

— Jessica S., Boston, MA

"Hi Alexis, I recently ordered the Beauty Formula No.8 and am writing as I am so pleased with its healing. I’ve also been using evanhealy for years now and LOVE her products. I actually have great skin, and take extremely good care of myself but during my last pregnancy, because of crazy extra hormones, developed hyper-pigmentation. As of a month using the pomegranate repair oil and your formula I am GLOWING! I am so happy."

— Jessika, Santa Fe, New Mexico

"I wanted to let you know that I recently purchased the Beauty Formula No. 8 and I am already seeing and feeling fantastic results. The day after I started I had a lot of purging of my system and just 3 days after I started my skin is looking brighter and I feel less stressed about my appearance. Yesterday was my 41st birthday and usually birthdays make me unhappy and fretful, but I actually had a restful and pleasant day. I am looking forward to seeing the cumulative results from using this flower remedy."

— Julie S., Langhorne, Pennsylvania

"When I use the Beauty Formula I notice an increased brightness in my skin and I almost feel an indifference to the way my skin looks. (Not in a bad way. Just less focused on it.) Using the formula has really got me interested in all the possibilities flower remedies hold."

— Megan, Chicago, Illinois

"I came across Beauty Formula No.8 at the Strange Invisible Perfume Store. I started out looking for more personal beauty that I can perceive in myself, and received so much more. I was greeted by drops of flowers and brandy, and noticed that it helped my facial muscles to relax and remain at ease throughout the day. I learned through my three bottles that we tie so much tension in our faces, that it is no wonder that through the stresses of life that our faces takes so much of the trauma. It was both invigorating and empowering to be able to relax with my face, and then watch it glow!! I recommend this to people who want to really see their faces as unique, beautiful, and tension free. Thank you!!"

— Cameron, Venice, California

"...That furrowed brow? Those lines between your eyes that you hate- that make you want to run for the Botox? When you feel good inside it shows on the outside. Beauty Formula No. 8 helps you to feel your best so that you can overcome those emotional issues that result in skin issues that make you feel unattractive..."

— (from Chantal Moore’s Balanced Beauty) Chantal, celebrity makeup artist, Los Angeles, California


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