Custom Blends

Overcoming Depression

Hi Alexis, I wanted to say thank you for the incredible custom flower remedy. I wanted to share my experience with you, and I hope it's not too heavy! My entire life I've been incredibly depressed. Even the day I was proposed to by my soul mate, in the back of my mind I kept thinking, "well that's nice, but who cares- maybe you should just end it all now". I've always had really intense thoughts of suicide and wanting to "get out of here." 

Three days ago I thought to myself, "oh my gosh, I haven't even considered suicide in DAYS." I was never actively planning to do anything, but those deep feelings were there. Now, I can't even fathom leaving Earth. I feel I have so much to do and so much I want to accomplish. My relationships are better, money is randomly flowing in, and everything is really looking up. Thank you SO MUCH! I truly appreciate you. 

— L. F.

In Control

"Hey Alexis! Thank you so much for the remedy. It has been helpful in so many ways. I finally have stopped smoking socially at parties. I have felt like I am better in control of my behavior around food. I've been able to find enough confidence to get moving again, and most recently, I went to New Mexico and have started letting go of some deep guilt I've been holding for a long time. Thank you."

— Hannah, Toronto, Canada

Overcoming Fears

"Dear Alexis, 

I am feeling like me again - for the first time in I don't know how long...I felt so light and free...SO much reflection and being able to see my thoughts clearly for the first time in many months - triggers, fears, etc. And I was able to see them from a step back - not to be fully meshed in the chaos of them - and let them go/watch them float on by like clouds in the sky. Hopefully that makes sense. I feel so good. Positive. Free. I most definitely have more energy even though I’m still getting just as little sleep. I feel so many possibilities await and that I can accomplish all I want. I feel airy. But a grounded airiness. 

Thank you thank you thank you. A million times over. I am so grateful. Again, THANK YOU!"

— Sara, St. Petersberg, Florida

Holding true to oneself

"I just wanted to let you know I’ve felt an incredible lightness about my relationship with my mom. I haven’t struggled with bitterness or anger with her since January! We had our first genuinely normal mother daughter conversation yesterday and it was so healing for me. 

I also have come very far in my ability to release expectations on myself and even hold true to myself around strong personalities. I'd always struggled with a people-pleasing tendency and often lost myself in fulfilling their every whim and need. I've grown in my awareness of it and though it's still a challenge, I've been able to move past in ways I couldn’t before. 

Thank you for the incredibly effective custom blend. I feel so encouraged and inspired and free."

— J., Los Angeles, California

Personal Growth

"Thank you SO MUCH Alexis!! Your wonderful essences have (seriously) changed my life, thank you for your care and diligence in creating these wonderful tools for growth and empowerment."

— Anika, Asheville, North Carolina


"Alexis has truly helped my insomnia. I have struggled over the years as I have not responded well to any sleep aid, whether natural or medical. This is the first treatment my body has responded too in a balanced way. Highly recommended!!!"

— Eve, New Mexico

PTSD after being hit by a bus

"I have been praying and thanking you silently for weeks now... This new remedy has my changed my world!!!! I feel so zen and peaceful. I haven't been this happy in a LONG time. I'm off all my pills. Now I just use the flower remedies. 

I'm really okay and it's surprising for me. I haven't felt this stable in a long time. Even if heavy emotions come around, I can overcome them. It's amazing! I can't help but feel optimistic. The shock of the trauma has evaporated. 

Anyhow, I am totally converted.... speechless. These remedies are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I'm speechless. I thank you endlessly!!"

— E, Barcelona, Spain

Lifelong abdominal pain

"After six surgeries at Cedars Sanai Hospital, the top gastrointestinal doctors in the state of California came up empty handed. Alexis Smart used a simple homeopathic remedy to cure what had ailed me for as long as I can remember. I am beyond grateful."

— Joshua Rofé, Los Angeles, California


"Now with some time and separation from the last time I visited with you, I'm able to see the substantial shift I've felt inside. I really feel as though I was lifted out of that crippling dark place. It's the first time since I was a teenager that I've been able to make that shift without the help of medication. I am unbelievably grateful for this. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and expertise."

— Danielle, Los Angeles, California

Stress and Worry

"I was skeptical about a homeopathic solution at first, but willing to try something new. I have a full, sometimes too-busy life and all the details weighed heavy on my mind. Alexis asked detailed questions and was very thorough in determining just what formulation I needed. I was worried at the time, overly sensitive and anxious. A few weeks after I began taking the drops, the anxiety had noticeably decreased, then eventually faded altogether. Where there was worry in my head, there was now a peaceful, accepting space. Plus, for some reason I started making pickles, which is an odd side-effect, but one I'm willing to accept."

— Ajay, Studio City, California


"Twice I have taken Alexis' custom blends. Her remedies helped me work through a long standing difficulty and were amazing in moving me gently through a recent loss. What I love about her remedies is the way that they bring out strengths I already possess. Alexis has listening down to an art, and I truly appreciate the insight and intelligence she brings to her work. If you've got an issue you want help with, I highly recommend talking with her about a custom blend."

— Susan Moore, Licensed Psychotherapist, San Francisco, California

Anxiety Attacks

"I have to say, I don't remember the last time I've gone this long without having an anxiety attack. I can definitely sense a stronger inner voice, reassurance; I know that I'm going to be fine and I don't cripple under that first thought that comes into my head (the one that plants seeds of doubt). I loved the feeling that I had in the first few days of taking the remedy. It felt very light, very warm, comforting and loving. Now when I take it, I feel relaxed and generally strong. Thank you for helping me out : )!"

— Anna , Los Angeles, California

IBS, Anxiety Attacks and Medication Withdrawal

"I have been battling IBS-D and generalized anxiety disorder for several years. My doctors tried various psychotropic medications but the effects didn't last and they caused really unpleasant side-effects. When I became pregnant with my second child I didn't want to take any risks so I decided to wean myself off Effexor XR. This caused terrible side-effects, most notably the IBS symptoms returning and a strange zapping sensation in my head day and night. I read about Alexis' flower remedies and I decided to try a custom blend. Within one week my brain “zaps” were gone completely. I was amazed and relieved! On top of that, my IBS symptoms went away as well. Since taking her remedies, I am free of IBS, my anxiety is gone and I don't have to endure the harmful side effects (and crazy dreams) I had on the medications. A natural remedy that works - what could be better than that? Thank you, Alexis!!"

— Cindy E. , Columbus, Ohio

Chronic Fatigue and Stress

"I have been seeing Alexis for some time now to help deal with chronic fatigue, stress and exhaustion, amongst other ailments. Her remedies have calmed me, nurtured me, and helped heal me."

— Cerise, Los Angeles, California

Panic Attacks

"I truly can't say enough about Alexis Smart. I had been struggling with panic attacks for months and desperately trying to find anything that would make them stop. Therapists, doctors, and even the internet all came to the same conclusion: medicate or learn to live with them and hope they go away. After talking with Alexis and taking her suggested remedy, within 5 days, the panic was 90% eliminated to this day. As a practitioner, she is an excellent listener with an amazing investigative nature. She is genuinely as committed to solving your issue as much as you are. I am so grateful to have discovered her and will remain a loyal client. She truly offers solutions."

— Heather, Los Angeles, California

Depression/Ineffective Medication

"When I first came to see you, I had taken at least six anti-depression meds, with varying levels of success. But even the best combo would inevitably fail me not too far down the road. When the acute depression worsened, I went to see my psychiatrist, whose most educated suggestion was to significantly increase the meds that were not helping! I took the prescription and walked out of his office, and at that moment decided that i didn't want to go any further down that road. I called you in the throws of it all, a weeping, fuzzy-brained mess. You whipped me up a combo and within the week I was on the road to recovery. A few weeks later, I realized I had forgotten to take my anti-depressants. I was experiencing a calm productivity and a sound sense of my place in the world again, with no symptoms of withdrawal whatsoever. Things were just good. It has been over eight months now since I've taken any prescription meds, and every time things get a little hectic, we just 'tweak' the formula and then all is right with my world. I'm actually just generally happy. The cloudy head is gone too! I kinda can't get over it."

— Colette, Los Angeles, California


"I was given a gift of an appt by a dear friend to see Alexis and have been working with her for a while now and been experiencing what I would call, 'unforetold wonders'. Shifts that I thought were not possible. I am so very grateful for her wise and gentle counsel, her incredible intuition along with her tremendous knowledge. She is also very pretty too!"

— Aeone, Los Angeles, California


"I feel really great overall. I'm getting way stronger, more positive, more resilient. Kindness and compassion are returning in full force. Intuitive and emotional forces in full swing, though I frequently feel so good, happy and excited that I feel almost numb with bliss, if that makes any sense. I have down moments of course, but I no longer wallow in misery for extended periods. But sometimes I let myself wallow for the length of a Cure record. I can see the great strides I am making in all areas and I try my best to be patient with myself, with the process."

— Jonny, Los Angeles, California

Stress and Physical Exhaustion

"I had a consultation with Alexis during a very stressful time in my life. I was dealing with nagging health problems, as well as being emotionally exhausted and very stressed out. I found Alexis extremely calming to be around and very intuitive and knowledgeable. I was impressed by how thorough the consultation was. She not only created a wonderful flower remedy for me, but also gave me great advice about nutrition and supplements. I love Alexis' subtle, gentle approach that less is more. I've continued to use her remedies a year later as general support, and have bought many remedies of hers for friends. I highly recommend her!"

— Sarah S., Los Angeles, California


"I'm closer to peace than ever in my whole life. The formula must be helping. My ability to deal with one thought at a time, and my ability to cope with stressful situations have significantly improved. Lately I breathe into uncomfortable situations rather than fighting against them. Thanks for your help!"

— Jennifer, Los Angeles, California


"I had tremendous success with the Bach Flower Remedy you made for me. The depression I had been experiencing lifted, the suicidal thoughts and anxiety lessened and I felt more alive and at peace. Thank you."

— Sarah, Venice, California

Anxiety from PTSD

"Alexis was able to help me with anxiety from PTSD, the stress of moving and being a mother of two babies while my husband traveled for work. Most recently she helped my entire family as my father battled lung cancer. When my father was in the hospital, my body would physically shake, I couldn't stop crying, and my mind would start to spiral with worry. Alexis was able to create a remedy that made me feel calm, stopped the shaking, stopped the crying and amazingly stopped the spiraling of negative thoughts. I was skeptical when I first heard about Alexis and flower remedies, but I am now a true believer and so thankful for Alexis and her gift!"

— Molly, Massachusetts

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