In Love

I’m “in love” with this formula. I just finished WholeHearted and this afterwards feels like magic. XO

— Jayne, Los Angeles, California

“I got in love for myself and I’m already loving it!!! It makes me feel like my heart is exploding in a good word and I’m teary with overwhelming gratitude. I’m so grateful. Thank you!”

— Amy

“Hi Alexis. I have recently discovered your work through Lacy Philips and I’ve been taking In Love for the last three days and it has been so helpful. Thank you for blessing the universe with your beautiful remedies.”

 — Callie

“I have been taking In Love for a month and I am completely blown away by the kind of work it does on your mind and body. I chose In Love for deep-seated issues related to very low self-esteem, lack of respect for myself, deep-seated anger towards people who have hurt me in the past, excess of shame and guilt and for attracting toxic people into my life. I started seeing results and as soon as a few days time. My first big realization was that when people are mean to me, it has nothing to do with me. I had a lifelong habit of blaming myself and feeling responsible when people were rude and hurtful towards me. But a few days on this essence made me realize that there’s nothing in me that is so bad that warrants being treated badly. Two weeks into the bottle, my anger amplified and I went on the desperate hunt for ways to relieve myself in this do you seated anger towards people Who have harmed me. I immediately came across profound articles that pointed me to focus on the lessons these people are teaching me and to be grateful for the same. I’m doing this, my deep-seated anger of 10 years vanished overnight. I also had an insight that I deserve better in life and do not deserve to wallow in the pain and suffering given to me by others. I believe the flower essences are increasing my vibrational rate and I no longer resonate towards toxic people. In Love also quiets down obsessive thoughts if you have any. I am planning on taking In Love for a few more months  and I’m very excited to see how it’s going to work further down the road. Thank you so much Alexis. I’m a believer for life and I’ll probably take flower essences for the rest of my life.”

— MS

“I am having incredible results with the In Love formula. Thanks so much for creating it. I am coming on one month of the In Love and that relationship pattern of chasing after emotionally unavailable men is gone. I literally just closed the door to the last of this “type” today! And in the interim, I had met someone who wasn’t my “type” and it’s like today the veil came off and I thought this new IS my type! I’ve just been trauma bonding with the old emotionally unavailable type. And I’ve been stepping more into my power as a senior role at work....I just wanted to share how much your remedy has helped me. There’s a lot more like I’ve been healing my relation ship with both parents.”

— D

“On the first day I felt the challenges and residue with my heart begin to mend in a way that nothing else is doing have been able to reach. Every day sense, the healing is palpable and concrete. I’m looking forward to a stocked flower remedy cabinet!”

“On the first day I felt the challenges and residue with my heart begin to mend in a way that nothing else is doing have been able to reach. Every day sense, the healing is palpable and concrete. I’m looking forward to a stocked flower remedy cabinet!”

— Crystal

"Hi Alexis, I wanted to let you know that I had been using the In Love formula since I received it, until I met someone in early August. I haven’t been able to open my heart up in 8 years, and I have fallen completely in love. This fear of not being good enough for someone or hiding my authentic self is no longer present, and I truly am so grateful for whatever magic happened! Thank you."

— P.B., Brooklyn, New York

"Dear Alexis, I've used several of your remedies over the last few years, but am always most profoundly affected by In Love (my husband can tell when I start taking it again). Right now I'm expecting my first child, and the rush of hormones in the first trimester left me with such unexpected and crippling prenatal depression that I wasn't sure I'd be able to continue with the pregnancy. Then I remembered your little blue bottle. The effect of taking In Love again was gradual, but deeply felt, reconnecting me to my baby, my husband, and to myself at a time when my body really didn't feel like my own. I just wanted to write and say thank you for a few little drops that have made the worst times manageable and the good times very good indeed. Thank you again for doing what you do."

— Gretchen, San Antonio, Texas

"Hi Alexis, I just wanted to thank you again for your flower remedies. Truly, sincerely, there is magic in your formulas.... I've been taking *In Love* for about a month..... It truly is a remarkable remedy, as are all of your remedies... The amount of self love I feel is beyond words... It's like everything is all boundless, and blissed out. Also, recently, there's been some sweetness with a past love that has been tasty and fun! I'm still grounded though! I think! Haha!!!! When we feel a deep sense of self-love, and everything is radiating from the heart, life flows in a more beautiful, frictionless way. It really emphasized seeing the beauty in all…. Again, I appreciate all of your work and dedication!"

— K.R., Los Angeles, California

"I am almost through the In Love formula. I have noticed a peace and calmness. I do not feel a lot of anxiety about being alone or about why I can't find a love. I think that is what would cause me to be depressed, the "what's wrong with me?" or bad timing questions that go on in my head."

— Linda, New York

Grace Abbott