Kids Dream Boat

If you have kids who have a hard time going to sleep, we love these drops from Alexis Smart Flower Remedies. I use various potions of hers as well. She’s the real deal and a beautiful woman inside and out. 

— Mother the Mother

"The Dream Boat is amazing! I can't believe how fast it worked for us. My four-year-old has wandered into my bed at night her whole life. She'll play so hard she just passes out at night and will at times not wake and have accidents. She more or less naps at night, waking up after only sleeping a few hours. We started doing Dream Boat and she's sleeping all night in her bed. Like all night until morning without accidents and waking up happy. Bless you and your products!"

— Krystal L.

"Our daughter is taking Dream Boat. She's falling asleep easily and not waking during the night - usually does 9-10 hrs straight, then nurses and even sleeps for another couple hours. We are contemplating attempting to move her out of our bed as the next step."

— Heather R.

"Thank you for the remedy. My son’s sleep has dramatically improved since using the Dream Boat, and he loves the ritual of taking the drops."

— Emily Bartlett, Licensed Acupuncturist and Mom

"I have been giving my daughter Dream Boat for the last few weeks. I cannot believe what a difference it has made in her sleep. I was so desperate I was willing to try anything. It took about a week, but the change is amazing!"

— Sarah M., mother of 2-year-old, Los Angeles, California

Grace Abbott