"After struggling with depression since what feels like I was born, I had pretty much given up the search for natural ways to treat it. I've tried medication, herbs, meditation, you name it. There was seriously nothing that felt like I could get the thousand pound giant off my back. As someone who feels like there is no reason to be depressed at times, it has been an incredibly taxing situation to deal with the intense depression I have always felt. Hour long mid day naps, low energy, and sadness was basically the norm. After hearing about Alexis' remedies, I figured why not give Sunshine a shot. I had zero expectations because nothing else had ever worked. But after a week of taking the drops, I can honestly say this is the brightest I have felt in my entire life. It works. Plain and simple, it just works. I truly can't believe it sometimes. Of course you have to remember to take them multiple times a day, but when you start noticing the difference, you want to take it as much as possible. The little magical bottle has seriously changed my life and I am eternally grateful for it. Thank you Alexis!!"

— Mikayla M., Los Angeles, California

"I wanted to share with you that someone I have known well for a few years pulled me aside yesterday to tell me that I have been a pleasure to work with over the last month. He is aware of my depression and mood swings, despite my best efforts to tuck them away. He told me that whatever I am doing, it seems to be working. I hadn't mentioned anything to him about the essences. A very big thank you to you... I really can't tell you enough what a huge relief it is not to have such depressing thoughts everyday. It sounds crazy that I had such thoughts for four years and that I had learned to live with them. 

Thank you for helping to make them disappear."

— Sarah, Los Angeles, California

Grace Abbott