"Hi Alexis! Just want you to know that I felt results with the Wallflower drops in THREE days! I wasn't expecting anything for weeks but I have been much more comfortable at work dinners and social events. I had a client say to me "You are so different than the first time I met you - I LOVE your attitude now!” haha"

— Emily W., Los Angeles, California

"Hi, I hope this message finds you well. I've been experiencing dramatic shifts using Wallflower. I'd been binge drinking alcohol to cope with social anxiety and insecurity. Within a week of using Wallflower, I had totally lost interest in alcohol. It’s been about a month and drinking too much is hardly an issue for me. Thank you!!! <3"

— Annie R.

"Hi Alexis, I can tell you that with the Wallflower remedy, I took it as you instructed and it restored me back to myself. I was hiding myself, which was crazy cuz that is not who I am, and after taking it for a few weeks I started pulling in new work, rediscovering old and developing new friendships, and letting myself be seen again. Thank you!"

— Liz, Los Angeles, California

"Hey there Alexis! I really have been enjoying the increased confidence/self assurance that has come with Wallflower. Most of all I love how it has helped me to trust my intuition. Thank you again so much : )"

— Angelina, Seattle, Washington

"Thank you, Alexis! Three weeks in to my first bottle and I'm beginning to see remarkable shifts in my daily life and I am certain this lovely remedy is responsible. I'm embarrassed to share this, but last week I went out to a restaurant to have a meal for the first time in over a year. My anxiety and extreme shyness had accelerated to the point where something like that just wasn't possible, and certainly wouldn't have been fun. That must sound so odd, but it is huge for me!"

— Teddy, Portland, Oregon

"Dearest Alexis, I am really enjoying taking Wallflower and I feel that it is supporting me in bravely returning to acting work as well as living life with an open heart! Bless you for generously sending me a double dose. I have recently recommended your remedies to a couple of people. Gratefully yours,"

— Meagan, San Francisco, CA

"Wallflower has been my favorite go-to before big social events. Normally I am a very shy person and have anxiety when I'm going to big events, or even intimate dinner parties with new people. Several days before a party, I begin taking Wallflower regularly and by the day of the event, instead of being paralyzed with fear about what I'll wear, who will be there and how I will survive my shyness, I look forward to socializing and know exactly what to wear! Not only does Wallflower do wonders for dealing with the social anxiety, but once I'm there, I feel completely relaxed and able to engage with everyone I meet. Shyness melts away and I'm able to have a great time! I can't imagine a party without Wallflower in my evening bag!"

— Amanda, Venice, California

Grace Abbott