First Aid Kit

I introduced it to a friend who is taking Safe and Sound and First Aid Kit and she said it's been a total turn around for her on the anxiety front and that she took First Aid Kit before a speech that she would usually be super nervous for and that she killed it and was so comfortable. It’s such fun easy medicine!

— Jocelyn, New York, New York

"Hi Alexis, I've been taking First Aid Kit as needed and I find it incredibly effective - much more effective for me than Rescue Remedy. In fact, I took it today before a lengthy dental procedure and I found myself incredibly calm and relaxed. It was a completely different experience from the panic I experienced two weeks ago during the same exact procedure. Very grateful."

— Caroline, Richmond, Virginia

“I just wanted to let you know how helpful your remedies have been. I keep First Aid Kit with me pretty much wherever I go, and it has been an absolute lifesaver when I start to feel anxious or upset. I've tested it in a few different scenarios, and I'm amazed every time that I find myself starting to feel overwhelmed with no obvious trigger (just inconvenient brain chemistry!) I can start the regimen up, and it helps clear the anxious fog in my brain and allows me to calm down and focus on one step at a time. 

I've also experienced great results with My Personal Assistant and Brain Drops - both essential tools for work and home! 

Thank you so much for the great work you do - it really has made a difference in my life and I'm much better off because of the flower remedies that you create. Have a wonderful holiday."

— Josie N., Iowa City, Iowa

"I got these on a whim. It has now become a staple in our medicine cabinet. When I feel stressed, or a little sick, I take First Aid and don't seem to fall sick. I also give it to my kids when they have bumps and bruises, or tummy aches. Great essence, thanks Alexis!"

— Karyl, Philippines

"First Aid has always been a life saver (began with Bach's rescue remedy and yours has been more effective by far). I love your wealth of information and your guidance is much appreciated."

— Erin S.

"I struggle badly with panic attacks and used the "First Aid" during an awful attack last week. I was absolutely blown away by what this remedy did for me. It was amazing. I haven't stopped sharing with others what it did for me and I've been able to share your website with several people! "

— Abigail R.

"Hi Alexis, I wanted to let you know how much I love my flower remedies and how wonderful they have worked for me! I took First Aid Kit in a traffic jam recently and I actually almost enjoyed sitting in traffic haha. It was totally relaxing and I felt mellow and chill- amazing in Seattle traffic jams. Thank you again, your flower remedies are truly amazing!"

— Angelina, Seattle, Washington

"I looooove my First Aid Kit! It replaced xanax on planes for me and in stressful situations on the road."

— Gregg, touring musician, Los Angeles, California

Grace Abbott